Percy the Possum

Banner Image Percy's adventures are told from a possum's perspective. Percy tells all about his experiences with humans and his adventures with his family, at the same time he is exploring planet Earth. Percy wants children to know what it feels like to be a native animal whose home is being invaded by humans - humans who want to build their houses on his land without asking permission. Percy believes that humans do not need to be greedy as there is plenty of land for both humans and native animals – if only the humans would learn to share and get along together.

Percy the Brush Tail Possum is an Australian native animal. He believes that by sharing his adventures and fun with his family, children will want to know more about native animals in their own countries.

Hey kids, you can buy this book right here if your parents say it's ok. It's not on Kindle yet but if you let me know that you'd like it on Kindle, I might just think about doing that for you in 2014. So let me know what you think!

Price: $15.00


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