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I am an author, speaker and life coach. I have always been interested in storytelling, probably because of a childhood few would call average. Living in a third world country and exposed to many adventures, I simply believed that this was just 'normal life' and that everyone was experiencing the same everyday escapades that I was. This, combined with my later experiences as a social worker, has ensured that I have a veritable goldmine of sources so necessary for the proficient storyteller. I have been humbled when observing people's fascinating behaviours and these have formed the basis of many of my stories. I no longer work as a Social Worker but will be forever grateful for the experiences this time gave me.

In every book I write, the major theme is empowerment in one form or another.

When composing children's stories, I use animals as lovable characters that have adventures in familiar settings. These adventures portray a moral of some kind that focuses on empowerment. Adventures of Percy the Possum and Adventures of Billy the Farm Dog are part of a series of stories, including future releases. All of the stories have been presented to children orally over the years. I am now capturing these stories and presenting them in storybook form.

We all seem to be time deprived these days. By the time everything is done, there is often little time to spend with children. They quite often miss out on quality time with parents. If the modern world demands that we spread ourselves thin to cover all bases, then prioritising our time is important, especially with children. Of course, this can be done in many ways depending on the interests of different families. One way is to read books to your children or have them read books to you and then talk about them together. If this sounds like your family, this is a good place to be. Take time out of the mad rat race, and share time and a good book with your kids. If you can't do it every day, don't feel bad about it. We are all human. Just enjoy the special times you do get to share with your kids.

I also have another site that deals with adult issues. I have written self-help books and am currently moving into writing novels.
You are welcome to visit me at http://www.storytelling4u2.com or on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
You may contact me at delece@storytelling4u2.com
All the best with your family's reading time, whether you share my books or someone else's.

Make the most of life!


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