Billy the Farm Dog – Children’s Book Billy the Farm Dog – Children's Book

Hey kids, what are your favourite stories? Are you into scary stories, adventure stories, space stories or animal stories? Or do you like something totally different?

If you want to let me know just what type of stories you really love, then click on the 'Contact' link.

Make sure you get permission from your parents first. Don't forget the saying, 'Never speak to strangers.' That's why it's important to get your parents to check out the site first.

If you are interested in animal stories, you are in the right place already. That is the type of story you will see here. The cool thing is that all the animals speak to each other. In fact, they often speak about the humans. Sometimes they like them and sometimes they are annoyed with some of the things the humans do, so they tell the humans just what they think about them. The stories all have great endings. Some even have more than one ending. How cool is that?

I have been telling these stories to children for many years. Now, all the stories that the children loved best have been written down and put into a book.

If you are interested in something totally different and let me know, I might just consider writing about that subject. Just wait and see. In the meantime, it's all about animals and their adventures.


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